Three results on transcendental meromorphic solutions of certain nonlinear differential equations
Bull. Korean Math. Soc.
Published online December 23, 2020
Nan Li and Lianzhong Yang
Qilu Normal University, Shandong University
Abstract : In this paper, we study the transcendental meromorphic solutions for the nonlinear differential equations: $f^{n}+P(f)=R(z)e^{\alpha(z)}$ and $f^{n}+P_{*}(f)=p_{1}(z)e^{\alpha_{1}(z)}+p_{2}(z)e^{\alpha_{2}(z)}$
in the complex plane, where $P(f)$ and $P_{*}(f)$ are differential polynomials in $f$ of degree $n-1$ with coefficients being small functions and rational functions respectively, $R$ is a non-vanishing small function of $f$, $\alpha$ is a nonconstant entire function, $p_{1}, p_{2}$ are non-vanishing rational functions, and $\alpha_{1}, \alpha_{2}$ are nonconstant polynomials. Particularly, we consider the solutions of the second equation when $p_{1}, p_{2}$ are nonzero constants, and $\deg \alpha_{1}=\deg \alpha_{2}=1$. Our results are improvements and complements of Liao (Complex Var. Elliptic Equ. 2015, 60(6): 748--756), and Rong-Xu (Mathematics 2019, 7, 539), etc., which partially answer a question proposed by Li (J. Math. Anal. Appl. 2011, 375: 310--319).
Keywords : Meromorphic functions; nonlinear differential equations; small functions; differential polynomials.
MSC numbers : 34M05; 30D30; 30D35
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